When Jonesey was in Egypt’s land 2!


You guys.  I’m sick.

So much sneezing.  I’ve run out of kleenex and I have broken into the toilet paper stash.  I’m so glad Amazon had that sale on Cottonelle, which-to me-is like the Cadillac of toilet paper because it is very plush.  Or at the very least sturdy.

Not to be political, but I think I got this from Hillary.  Thanks for pushing through, Hillary, NOW WE’RE ALL SICK!  All of TinyTown is sick.  I opted to stay home from church today because I can’t breathe through my nose and I am in a permanent facial sneeze contortion.  All of Tinytown is unsure if it is Allergies or a Cold.  I haven’t ruled out terrorism.

The dog is keeping me company.  Although, I can tell my nose blowing is getting on his nerves.  He keeps doing that dog raise one eyebrow stink eye thing.

I missed church though.I missed the corporate worship. And the peeps.   The hymns are not the same at home.  And the pile of kleenex does nothing for the reverb in this room.

What else?  School is moving right along.  I have a new adventure this year leading a high school choir.  It has been a lot of fun for me so far.  I vacillate between, “This is so much fun to do something I love!” and “Oh no! I will ruin everything!” But I mean, really, that’s how I approach most things in life? Right?  Like Grocery shopping.

No, ha.

We are also still sportsin’ it up.  Banjo-man has the shin splints real bad though and that’s been kind of a bummer. But the others are making great strides…literally! Har! And the weather has been so cooperative! I did pull out the old rainboots last week for a race but they were generally uncalled for and difficult to walk in and my husband pointed out his socks didn’t even get wet.  Which is our metric for parental sportsfan misery.  Dry socks = Great day at the races!

We maintain our busy lifestyle, thankful when a down time comes along.  Even an unexpected one like this.  As I snuggled under my new Aldi Fleecey blanket thing we completely splurged on two weeks ago I thought, When Jonesey was in Egypt’s land…..Oh no.  I’m Cameron (From Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-if there happens to be a young reader here).

He realizes he likes being sick.  I don’t like being sick, though.  I genuinely miss the skin that was on the bottom of my nose.  Those were good times with the in tact nose.  But I do like snuggling up under a great deal blanket with hot tea and silence.  I mean who doesn’t appreciate that every now and again.

You’re probably wondering why I even blogged about this.  Well, my phone made this magic wand pixie dust sound and up popped a notification from WordPress that read, “Your stats are booming!”

Curious, I clicked right over to the blog to see that I had ONE view!

So naturally I felt I needed to updated for that one friend! Whoever you were, thanks for visiting Jonesville!

And lastly, I listen to a podcast called Pop Culture Happy Hour. Because I love podcasts. And at the end of every discussion the panel goes around and tells people what’s making them happy this week. I enjoy that and it’s a great way to end their show. But I never get to tell them what’s making me happy.  But, oh, I remembered! I have my very own blog! So what’s making me happy this week? This week I got a real kick out of The West Wing Weekly Pocast with guest Aaron Sorkin. Perhaps you remember the show The West Wing, the tv show from about 17 years ago that told the story of West Wing senior staff.  It’s still on Netflix–may it never leave.  Joshua Malina (Will Bailey from WW seasons 4-7) & Hrishikesh Hirway from the Song Exploder podcast are going through each episode, breaking them down and discussing each one, often with members of the cast, consultants or people who do those jobs at the White House now! This week the discussion was with the creator/writer Aaron Sorkin and it was fabulous. I imagine someone in his position might not care to discuss this show he did almost 20 years ago and would be put out, wanting to discuss his current work, but he was just as into it as the guys on the show were and as those of us listening at home–totally geeking out were! So, if you liked the West Wing I recommend the podcast! Do you guys like the podcasts?

Also making me happy is my new choir singing! What a thrill that is!  My treadmill running.  And Tim Keller’s Book The Meaning of Marriage, which I used for a devotion at a bridal shower yesterday.  The house recommends!

That’s all for today folks.Thanks for visiting, visitor!  You can tell me what’s making you happy this week in the comments :)

**UPDATE: After I posted this I thought, I think I have posted that Cameron clip before.  I may have even used the same title.  So I searched and yes.

I wrote the same post on September 15, 2014.  Almost 2 years exactly.  I want to be clear.  I did not plagarize my own blog.  I’m just 40 now.  And this is what happens to you.  You forget.  Or you’re predictable. I like to think I am just super consistent.

And besides some of you didn’t read Jonesville 2 years ago. (And may not after today :) )***

Farewell Summer, see you next year!


Blog! We had a fabulous, undocumented summer.  I mean we are legal, I just didn’t write about it!

Summer was so, so great.  It was quiet. The kids had sports training all summer so they were still active.  I am not sure what I did.  I read some books, I know that.  I had a yard sale at the beginning.  I think there was a July in there. For the most part life still seemed full without school.  So, I am sure you can relate to how adding school felt.

In late August we travelled to Georgia and then to Florida to stay in a beach house with my parents.  It was–the best.  I floated in the ocean.  We had a veritable buffet of all you can watch Olympics.  Then we drove back to Atlanta.  In a span of three days our beach time ended, the Olympics were over and then I turned 40.  A trifecta. My thirties were over, too.

Good grief.

I mean it is good. Being 40. More on that later, I’m sure. That’s what the world is lacking, women turning 40 waxing philosophical about the passage of time. Har.  In the meantime life goes on. And it is so, so busy.  It’s overwhelming.  Last week was our first week of school.  It felt crazy.  This is our first week of all regular activities.  And it’s basically like juggling.  People.  It’s like juggling people.  Sounds dangerous.

You drop him off there, you pick him up there?  Dinner has to be in these exact 15 minutes.  Is there a single clean item of clothing in this house? It doesn’t smell like it.

I’m sure many of us are in the same boat! The same boat being tossed about by the wind and the waves. Some people actually like boats! They like the ocean.

I’ll be the one in the back hurling over the side every time.

I have a delicate constitution.

Right now I think Dinner is the big problem.  First of all between people being shuttled hither and yon it’s hard to pinpoint a good time for it. 8:30? Is that a good dinner time?  Methinks not.  Is this the end of family dinner for Jonesville.  A family tradition since 1998?

The other problem with dinner is the whole making it part. And probably before that it’s the buying it and planning it part that don’t seem to be happening.  When I sat down to make the school schedule this year, and I actually did, there seemed to be time for that but in reality it’s vanished.  Disappeared.  It’s a mystery.  Perhaps I should write a short story.  Jonesey and the Vanishing Menu Planning Time.  Maybe it was stolen.  Abducted by aliens.  Most likely frittered away by “me being more interested in anything else.” I dunno. Sounds fishy to me.

To sum up Banjo is in 11th GRADE NOW! Nevermind you that Jones and I met as freshman in high school and started dating our senior year and dated 5 YEARS and then got married after college.  It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world people.  SuperT is a Freshman, JMurrs is a 6th grader and my baby Ladybug….MY BABY is in 3rd grade or what I call :when school gets real.  No more play dough is school. No more crayons and cutting.  And oh my stinking heart. She is so fun to homeschool.  The world turned upside down, so different to homeschool Ladybug than the boys.  The boys are fun but….I’ll conclude by saying I am having fun homeschooling Ladybug. It’s only the second week but she actually likes school! She’s mini me!  So maybe that’s the difference.  She likes practicing her handwriting.  She likes writing stories! She thinks it’s super grown up to read something by herself!?

And that’s the latest from Jonesville.  What are you good people up to?

Summer in Jonesville

Hi old friend, blog.  Trusty faithful old friend.

Well summer is half over.  We have been enjoying summer through and through.  It’s a wonderful season.  We have had beautiful sunshiney weather (which is more than could be said for the first half of last summer!) And now we are preparing for a hot spell, as you are, too, I’m sure if you live anywhere but the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve been enjoying all things summer.  2 weeks ago we went to our annual Pirates game.  It was a 12:35 p.m. afternoon game.  And it was quite hot.  We bought tickets online that morning and ended up being nearly an hour late due to poor planning- particularly regarding parking in Pittsburgh.  We missed the first inning, the only one that the Pirates scored in.  They ended up blowing a 3 run lead.  But hey.  We had great seats!

Right behind McCutchen!

My people love the “selfie”.

Two days later the kids and I ran the Strawberry Days 5K/kids fun run.  I think we all posted personal bests.  I could take pics of the little ones because I wasn’t running behind them.

This was Ladybug’s first race!

Everyone with a medal finished first in their age group.



Then we enjoyed a damp Fourth of July with friends.  Jones used our SMOKER! which took forever.  Slooooooow cooking.  Thankfully we also had hamburgers.  It was worth the wait, though.  I mean he ran to get charcoal and start at 4:30 a.m.  Because this is what Joneses will do for pork.  We ended up eating Pork Dessert.  And then: downtown for fireworks! The fog and drizzle that night gave the fireworks the feel of actual bombs bursting in air, since, we could only see smoky lights in the haze with emphatic blast noises.

But still! The fourth is one of my favorite holidays–tied with Thanksgiving. Because no gift exchange!

I know! I am your funnest friend, right! In the words of Bono….She gives herself away…..


Then I had to go to the dentist for a RE-filling.  9 am Tuesday morning.  Ugh.

So, party’s over. I guess.

It was traumatic.  The dentist called to check on me that evening.  So.  That gives you an idea.  I think it was the unfilling part that was, um, awful.

And this week I’ve got to finalize and place all our school orders.  I go from *pretty certain this is what we are going to do* to *no idea* at regulal intervals.  My main thought is: How am I making this more complicated for the darlings–and me–than it needs to be.  You know?  I won’t go into detail here.  But that’s how I am feeling.

We only have 2 more years with Banjoman in the Jonesville Academy! Super T starts high school, JMurrs will be in middle school and Ladybug will be in Third Grade! And pretty much once we get things rolling I know it will just be busy-ness galore until we get that brief respite in January.

It’s Christian living.  I know I am not getting this done perfectly, I haven’t gotten it “figured out” and I will never arrive at that moment.  But we keep our head down and work faithfully as into the Lord and pray that he blesses it, makes it fruitful.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep enjoying summer.  Popsicles, video games, sleep, books and y’all know the Olympics are coming! And you know I like to blog me some Olympics.

I heard on NPR that there was a group of people who were disappointed with the commentating for Gymnastics, like they weren’t giving it to us straight, using actual gymnastics terminology.  So if you are looking to go deep into gymnastic commentary this year, consider the Gymternet.  I’ve only just checked it out so I don’t vouch for it, but as I mentioned, I learned of it on NPR so–it’s gotta be nerdy at least.

Anyway, til we blog again, happy summer internet amis.




We continue to wind down the year here.  Banjo had what I hope in my heart will be the last track meet for Jonesville this year. (Don’t tell Banjo.  Super supportive mom here ready to be done with track meets


Why, have you been to a track meet? Well, they’re long.  Really long.  I could forgive them for being so long if they also weren’t so cold. Last Thursday he went off to the meet around 2 and I thought the rest of the fam would go late since his race is nearly the last one.  I got a call from him that there was a weather delay. We weren’t in a hurry, I just left the crackpot on high–since I turned it on in the afternoon–and we were off to the races.  After a 1 and a half hour thunderstorm delay they hadn’t gotten very far.  We arrived around 6:30 p.m.  Banjo’s race didn’t happen until 10:40!

Who wants to run 8 laps around a track at 10:40 p.m.? Who wants to watch someone run that 8 laps around a track at 10:40?  Especially when they are imagining their house burning down from the crackpot being left on high at home!?  And the dog!?)

Anyway, he gave an amazing effort and came in 7th place.  He was almost beat at the last second but he kicked it in and manage to secure his spot.  And that’s fun because you get to be on the podium:

I guess number 1 was in a hurry to get this ceremony over with.  He probably had a crackpot full of chicken for tacos to get to at home. Also, enjoy how I managed to get that blue person in front of my boy’s number. It’s a gift.

This was the county championship and so 3 guys from our school ran this race and here they all are.  This was a great season for Banjo and he had really terrific, encouraging teammates and I’m so thankful for that!

Friday we said goodbye to the class of 2016 at the college.  It’s always a nice evening, we host a reception at the church following their baccalaureate service.

Naturally, I made a double batch of Jones cookies and after years of thinking that it would be a good idea, I’ve posted the recipe in the kitchen.  I told the kids, that way if I become unable to fulfill my duties as cookie maker and they find their little cute selves in need of Jonescookies they can MAKE THEM!

What are Jonescookies?

They are Jones’s grandma’s recipe.  The beautiful woman our Ladybug is named after!  They are chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and it recently occured to me that these cookies are probably the result of GrandJo’s (for that’s her name) need to stretch her ingredients during times of economic downturn or difficulty–her husband being a chaplain in WW2.  This thought came to me this year as we studied this very time period in history.  #funfact.  And fun for me they stretch very far so I can make them for all my college student-type activities that I host. I’ve been making them ever since we were first married so nearly 18 years now of Jonescookies.

They are oatmeal chocolate chip, as I said.  The only chocolate chips that I can readily find for my darlings that are free of dairy are Ghiradelli.  And let me tell you, those are not cheap.  So I was telling the kids, maybe I should make some with raisins instead of chocolate chips. And JMurrs, age 10 said, “Is that a thing?”

Not one Jones had any interest in exploring that idea.

Jones Cookies

Beat together: ½ Cup Margarine/butter         

                  ½ Cup Shortening

                 1 Cup White Sugar

                 1 Cup brown Sugar

Add beating:     2 eggs

1 Tablespoon water, 1 tsp Vanilla

Sift together and add (I’m sure I never sift):

2 Cups flour

                 1 tsp. salt

                 1 tsp. baking soda

                 ½ tsp. cinnamon

                 ½ tsp. baking powder


2 Cups Oats

         1 package chocolate chips

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes

I hope you enjoyed the sporadic capitalization. That’s free of charge!



We are wrapping up the school year here at the Jonesville Academy. Super T–gee, it feels like we should come up with some new blog nicknames–boy number 2–finished his track season on Monday.  It was an abbreviated season because he split time by also being in the Christian School’s play.  Nevertheless, it came with its own thrills and chills.  Monday’s meet was particularly chilly. And we were particularly underdressed for it.  I said to Jones, you know, if I could turn back time, if I could find a way, I’d go back and sign the kids up for little league basketball.  Start them on a path to the NBA.  Where all the games are 40 minutes long and INDOORS.  I mean, I’m surprised it didn’t turn out that way naturally.  Joneses are obviously built for the slam dunks.

Har. Har.

I digress.  I do love the running.  Monday’s race was a 1600 meter medley–to which I thought-how many ways can you run around a track?

A medley of distances.  It was annoying because it was 2 200m, 1 400 meter and T ran the 800m-the last leg of the relay. And that’s not symmetrical-thus my annoyance–but it was exciting because T got to carry the baton! He did a great job.

Tuesday we took our standardized tests because our state requires them for 5th graders and 8th graders.  And we took them online because it was cost effective and so wonderfully convenient. Joneses enjoy clicking bubbles so it was a really fun day of school. Only one or two small technical glitches but for the most point a productive and fun day. And we received our results immediately so into the portfolio they go.

Then we had another track meet. Because what else would we do.  This one was our last home track meet. It was exciting because Banjoman had a goal.  His goal was to run mile in 4 minutes and 52 seconds.  He finished in second place with a time of 4:59. Agh! So close.  I said, because I am a good supportive mother: Can’t you just run 7 seconds faster?

Thanks, mom, he says. I thought of that.

Frankly I don’t know how you are supposed to run any faster. Didn’t he just run as fast as he could?  When I run an 11 minute mile it really feels like the outer limit of what is humanly possible.  But then you watch these kids sail around the track and you realize you are nearly 40 and out of shape.

Banjoman gave a great effort and guess what?  He will likely have more chances to meet that amazing goal.  By the way in case you are wondering the current record for the mile is 3:43:13. It’s a fun sport to be involved with because you are always racing yourself and there’s always a new goal to meet.

Unless you’re that guy that ran a mile in 3:43. In that case, I guess you can just retire and eat doughnuts.

I mean, that’s what I’d do.

(Banjoman ^ in second place)

The blog’s not dead

I know it seems dead.  But really. I’m here.

You might say that I’m struggling to find my blog voice. I started this blog in November of 2006 so it’s about 9 and a half years old.  Coincidentally Pioneer Woman started her blog ten years ago, I saw on her blog today.  So were nearly samesies except the part where her blog turned huge and she has her own line of everything from children’s books to dishes and I hardly blog any more.

But you know, basically samesies.

When I started this blog Jones was halfway through seminary and I had babies.  I mean I had BABIES.  And now I have big kids.  I have a lovely little lady and three strapping young men.  When I had babies I could easily write during their naptimes or while they played all around me.  I wasn’t expending a lot of mental energy, it was a lot of happy physical work but I had some brain cells available to create blogposts or at least jot down some somewhat coherent thoughts.  But as the kids got bigger it’s less cool to tell their stories.  They don’t say the same kinds of hilarious things.  Don’t get me wrong they still say funny things.  In fact maybe the things are funnier but they aren’t as share-able as they used to be.

One share-able item though-this week when Cruz and Kasich ended their campaigns last week and Trump became the presumptive nominee I was lamenting this loudly and Ladybug said, Oh great! Trump is going to change all the rules! He’s going to make you stop at green lights and go at red lights!

I have no idea where she got this idea but I do think she expressed my fears accurately.

And in 2006 Jones was just a crazy sleep-deprived seminarian and now he’s a pastor.  I can’t publicly share many of the stories I would love to tell. It’s just different.

The bigger kids require many much more brain cells.  In homeschooling and out of homeschooling.  And they are so busy.  Thus we are so busy.  It’s fun.  It’s often stressful. So many things to coordinate.  There’s so little time between track meets and lessons and bible studies, etc. etc. etc.

Still, I want to figure it out.  Can the blog evolve?  Can Jonesey be Jonesey? If a Jonesey writes a blog in the middle of cyberspace will anyone read it?  And if they didn’t is blogging still a worthy endeavor?  As I do enjoy going back to read it and look at pictures I do feel it’s worth doing for myself and my family.  And maybe for long lost readers and family and friends.

I also probably won’t post these to facebook anymore since I think it further stymies my words.  So many “friends” on Facebook that I don’t want to annoy by my writing or offend with my crazy ideas or what have you.  img_6674

Meanwhile I am off to prep Sunday lunch, which you may laugh to hear is the Jonesville usual of Cherry Pork Roast, Nummy Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes with a Debby Beisner Salad, brownies & ice cream.  You know, if it ain’t broke…..

Do not underestimate the power of the dark side

Ok, I’m trying to blog more. For my own enjoyment. And maybe yours?

Exciting weekend in Jonesville. The older boys competed in another Speech Tournament. They did a great job finishing second and third in their humorous category and Banjo finishing in 3rd place in a new category for him: Mars Hill Impromptu where he was required to interact with different categories of popular culture and relate these cultural issues with biblical ones. It was new to him but appealing because it meant we had to watch a lot of movies and TV shows. There was also a category on popular songs. Finally all my years of watching the West Wing paid off when Banjo pulled that title in one round! It was a lot of fun for us to prepare because it meant lots of movie nights! Perfect wintertime activity.

The boys enjoy the speech tournaments because the off times are fun. One thing they came back with was this clip someone showed them of Donald Trump as Darth Vader.

Of course, this is fun and funny but the real message from Jonesey to you is: please do not vote for Donald Trump. Remember, the electorate should not function as a political strategist. Don’t think about who might beat Hillary–think about who might make a competent world leader. I know, Darth says he’s very competent but don’t forget about the Celebrity Apprentice.


Hi there.

My life is missing the blog. I’m eeking in a post in February. I’m on the monthly blogging plan.

I’ve written approximately 342 drafts I haven’t published.  Some because as soon as I sat down someone needed me for something, some just sounded dumb.

It has been an amazing winter here.  Very little snow.  You wouldn’t know it from this:

On my phone that looked like a great picture.  Now on the blog it looks gross. But I am leaving it in to show you that we live next to a parking lot.  And one of the many benefits of next-to-parking-lot living is that the snow plows come and plow the 12 inches of snow on the parking lot all over to our side of the parking lot.  This pile of snow was bigger than our van.  Much bigger and the length of our driveway.  It allowed for very much fun.  and because of that it takes the longest to melt.  And so when the weather went up into the 50’s our kids were out side barefeet playing in the giant pile of snow.  Today it was 64 and there is still a little remnant of disgusto black snow.  Snow is so beautiful until it’s cleared and cars drive by and it turns into giant piles of grey.  Ick.

We’ve had a mostly mild winter, temperatures stayed above 0 for the most part–unlike some winters I know (lookin’ at you 2014 & 2015!)

Temps in the single digits didn’t keep Banjo from getting out and running through the snow filled streets of Tinytown.

After the snow melted last week Ladybug and I went out side and to our joyous surprise we found these growing up and down our front walk.  I forgot them from last year!

We got to go to Target last week.  That’s about 40 minutes away so it’s a sometimes trip. I mean we can’t be traipsing off to Target everyday with a drive like that.  We found a hat at Target in the dollar section (actually 3$)  It reminds me of a line from No, No, Nanette: “There are hats and there are hats, but this my darling is a Chapeau!”

And Ladybug has only taken this chapeau off for sleeping.

It really dresses up an old Alabama T-shirt, am I right?

And we’ve been doing school:

We think Cooper is a man changed into a dog by a witch.  Mostly because he can spell really well.

Ha! I’m kidding.

Or am I?

That’s about all for February here.  It was pretty quiet, which is very good news. We kept our heads down and did our school.  We did take one snow day.  It was a great one.  We had over a foot of snow on the ground and temps in the 30’s so it was great for playing.  But for the most part-nose to the grindstone anticipating spring, warmth, and dare I hope for it: sunshine.

Hey, enjoy your bonus day: leap day! Real life is for March!


Your Basic Jonesville New Year Post

I don’t know why but I always feel the week after Christmas is a time to Treat yo’self.  Or treat myself as it were.  Not with a spa day or anything.  With a good ol’ fashioned declutter.  A good purge and clean.  Long time readers have endured this post every January.  I love a fresh page.  What can I say?

I am about knee deep in the declutter right now. I’m indulging in a blog break.  Treatin’ myself.

Instead of jumping right in with the purging we took a trip south to visit the family and the motherland and feel 75 degrees one last time before putting 2015 to bed.  It was wonderful and refreshing and relaxing–everything you want in a vacation.  We even took the dog.  Which turned out to be loads of fun. I am not even being sarcastic.  I was very anxious about how the dog would do on a 12 hour car ride.  Ack. Visions of a vomiting dog danced in my head.  Thankfully the weather was pretty good on the trip down so walking the dog at gas stations and chick fil a’s was no problem at all. In fact we realized lots of folks travel with their dogs.  Every time we stopped other people and dogs were doing just as we were. It felt like we belonged.  And now I think the dog loves us even more. Mostly because we took him to Nana & Papa’s where he could lie in the sun and chase squirrels all the livelong.

And only one tiny instance of dogsickness. Dealt with by a Jonesboy immediately. So, fear unfounded.

But now we are back and our various things we belong to were ready for us to jump right back into life at a time when I wanted to stop everything, clean it all, deal with all that wasn’t dealt with before Christmas and prep everything for a new year of fabulous. To deal with this I’m doing what I call “hands-off” school and filling up bags and bags of trash and castoffs for goodwill.  One of my great loves.  Purging and vacuuming. Probably my favorite chore.  Vacuuming means I’ve gotten to the bottom of things and am finally ready to suck up the last bits.  Vacuuming after cleaning out is like the artist’s signature on their masterpiece.

Vacuuming is the great Voila!

So I am not using the Shark just yet.  But I’m close.

My other new year love is the new planner.  The clean slate.  Now you may remember I bought a school planner this year that took for.ever to get here much to my dismay.  But it came and it works ok. All my dreams did not in fact come true, but it’s served it’s purpose.  In 2016 I’ve decided to give digital planning one more try.  Jones read a book over the break called Do More Better I know that is an irritating title but stay with me.  In it Tim Challies, the author, suggests using a three tiered productivity system including Evernote, Todoist and a calendar app.  I switched Todoist for Wanderlist and I am enjoying it most of all.  So this week I’ve made the kids digital to do lists on Wanderlist for their school work and they can come and click off what they have finished. The most sastisfying thing about all that is there is a pleasant DING everytime you complete a task!

Evernote has been less helpful but everyone loves it so I am giving it a go.  I have kept notes on it for our morning meetings.  Of which we have had 1 this year.  But it was fun.

It is hard to believe we are one week deep into 2016.  I saw Jones write the date on something and got a little jolt.  Time is flying, my people.  And so is my old stuff, so watch out if you are walking on my sidewalk you might get a wallop over the head with the last bits of 2015.


Christmas Eve was beautiful here in Grove City!  60 degrees and sunny? Unheard of in the winter.


After the Christmas Eve Service….

Christmas Morning!

Gifted reading material:

All and all it was a nice quiet Jonesville Christmas.  Which is nice after all the hubbub of preparing an celebrating before hand.

And now for my most favorite time of year.  Out with the old and in with the new.  The part I like most is the out-with-the-old part and vacuuming it all up! Isn’t vacuuming the best? Sending the old stuff out to Goodwill and tossing socks with holes in them. I’m excited about my refrigerator covered in all the pictures you all sent, happy smiling Christmas best faces on my fridge.

I’m already filled with hope for the new year, even though every year I resolve and resolve again.  The same goals–in some ways they seem more achievable now that the kids are older and I have less “keeping other people alive” kind of work to do but then in other ways it’s less achievable because now I’m all wrapped up in their busy lives.  So we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll wanna blog about it. Because what is more fun than blogging about ideas of things I’d like to do but probably won’t?