My Love Language

Hmmm, if I wrote a book about THE five love languages, I would write about 1.  Mix CD’s, 2.  Chocolate, 3.  Sleep,  4. Vacuuming and 5.  Organizing things (including time).  

And Money Saving Mom just spoke my love language loud and clear.  

I think I am in love.

She has been running a series called Time Management 101 and one day she had some free printables.  {LOVE} They are awesome.  I printed 132 out for my daily to do list and they are awesome.  Did I mention how awesome they are because they are?

Then I just checked on my Google Reader though I should be doing something else, like teaching children I just did a quick check and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this:  a Free Downloadable Customized Daily Docket.  Doesn’t that sound dreamy. Then when people say, What’s on the Docket for today?  You can confidently respond by whatever is on YOUR free downloaded customized daily docket!

I actually like her list that she put together for herself.  It is so handy.

ok, back to work for Jonesey, just had to share the love….

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